Gegevens van bestuursledenterug

Jan van Gemert
Eikenlaan 26
5671 AB Nuenen
Tel.: 06-53212594
Born: 1943 in Wanroy
Education: Secondary Modern School, TU/e Mechanical Engineering (Design Engineering & Mechanisms, prof. A. Horowitz, 1969)
Industrial career: Five years at Hoogovens (now: Corus) as project enigineerNew Construction Blast Furnaces. Foundadtion and expansion of GEMCO (Son), an egineering and project office for the realisation of casting projects, industrial kilns, tool shops for petrochemical industries as well as mobile systems.
After 30 years of exceptional leadership he has decided to step down as Managing Director.
At present active as consultant for technical businesses and starters.
Coordination ICT

Ad Visser
Kapelweg 41
5521 JH Eersel
Tel.: 0497-841290
Tel.: 06-50664615
Born: 1950 in Geleen
Education: Advanced Elemtary School, Polytechnic School, Technical College, TU/e-Mechanical Engineering (Design Engineering & Mechanisms, prof. T. Schouten, 1982)
Industrial career: five years self-supporting engineering consultancy, 11 years AKZO/Nobel
(product development), 11 years Philips Optical Storage.
At present: Interim manager at ASML
Faculty adviser

Bert Brouwers
Smeetsstraat 93
3620 Lanaken (B)
Tel.: 06-51836093
TU/e, W-hoog (2.131)
Tel.: 040-2475397 (k.u.)
Born: 1949 in Heer
Education: Secondary Modern School, TU/e-Mechanical Engineering (Fluid Mechanics, prof. G. Vossers, 1972)
Industrial career: four years at Ultra Centrifuge Laboratory (Amsterdam), five years at Isotopes Separation Research (URENCO), five years at Shell, a.o. in London).
Professorship: 12 years at University of Twente and at present at TU/e (since 1999)

Frans Hoekstra
Graafschappad 36
5691 LX Son
Tel.: 0499-473653
Born: 1948 in Zaandam
Education: Secondary Modern School, TU/e-Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics, prof. J. Janssen, 1978)
Military Service (land-forces)
Industrial career: Application of strength of materials (FEM), Product- and Process
Development at various companies (from Precision Engineering to Bridges and Ships)
Sonja van den Berg
Industrial career:

Remco Hutten

Tel.: 040 – 281 71 18 (privé)