Welcome to the website of the Association of Mechanical Engineers, Eindhoven, also known to many as the WIE.

The WIE is a network association with over 1200 members and supporting committees who can exchange information and data within the regulations, terms of reference, and organisation of the Association.

In addition, the Association can provide a platform, or facilitate a contact group, to compare knowledge and experience in areas of current or special interest, for the mutual benefit of members, and keep you informed of important activities including lectures and visits.

If you graduated from the TU/e, Mechanical Engineering Faculty (M.Sc.), we look forward to hearing from you and to registering you as a member of the WIE.
Registration is free of charge and will enable you to access all available information and facilities of the Association.

WIE, an active network association for a world-on-the-move!

The Committee of WIE
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